Dan Riley Sports Talk is Intern at Passionate World Talk Radio.  This week Dan will talk today on the Student Loan Crisis. The Student Loan Crisis is at its worst, with 1.5 billion dollars in student Loan debt at a very real risk of never coming close to being paid off. To hear more about this loan crisis Click here to listen… Do you think this is another bubble to burst for Student Loans?  Dan’s

Both Betsy Wurzel and Marcia Burr with Jeanne White talk about “What is Dementia” why it is so important to take care of yourself.  Both Besty and Marcia Burr both spoke about so many things concerning being a caregiver.  Grab a cup of coffee,  notepaper and pencil, because they are going to talk to you the caregiver and what they found out on their journey as a caregiver. Click here to listen… If you have

Let me introduce way to help all New and Seasoned Caregivers.  “The Tip of the Day” This is the first tip from Betsy Wurzel. If you have any tips that you would like to share, please send either Marsha Burr or me. I will place the tip and your name on a Blog. This will be a great way to be involved and helping another Caregiver. These  tip could possibly help many Caregivers.  That is

WHAT TO DO WHEN Sending Money Overseas Backfires? Yesterday, I got up a 4 a.m. to help a friend in dire need. She needed money for an operation, and had no place else to turn to. I volunteered to loan her the money to make a difference, but what I found when trying to send the money overseas was truly a nightmare and hope to give you folks an idea of what to do when

Daniel Riley is Host and Intern at Passionate World Talk Radio.  Today’s Show is on the Super Bowl  Is the beginning of low scoring football games?  Dan talks about this on his show today. Here is a portion of what Dan Talks about “Sunday had the lowest scoring Super Bowl in history, and may have been the end of high scoring offenses I’ve been talking about for so long. Both teams’ saw their Quarterbacks’ have

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