Caregivers and Alzheimers


These are the stories provided by the caregivers that are on this Journey with a loved one that has a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s.  You will hear from Betsy Wurzel, Marcia Burr and Chistina Turner and more on their journey with the many issues these Caregivers have encounter.  They provide first hand information on how they learned to deal with the cruel disease. 

2.10.19 Betsy Wurzel and Marcia Burr both are Advocates and Caregivers. They both have a wealth of information that may help you in your journey. Is there any easy answers maybe or maybe not. Listen to what they both talk about.

2.6.19 Betsy Wurzel Caregiver and Advocate. Betsy talks about taking care of yourself.

1.31.19 Christina Turner Advocate and Caregiver.  Today Christina will talk about what it takes to be a caregiver.  How they handle the feeding or the dressing on a daily basis.  Christina will also talk about the isolation that comes with being a caregiver.  This information perhaps may help you in your journey.

1.30.19 Betsy Wurzel Advocate for Caregivers as well as a caregiver for Husband Matt.  The Show today is on Perfect Caregiver

1.26.19 Marcia Burr Advocate for Caregivers- Today’s Show is on Dementia Diagnosis Process

1.23.19 Betsey Wurzel Advocate for Caregivers – Today’s Show is on Early Onset Dementia/Alzheimers. What happens to Dementia patient when caregiver gets ill?

1.16.19 Interview with Tippy Stein as being a caregiver her mother. The challenges that occur and how to work thru the Medicaid system

1.16.19 Betsy Wurzel Advocate for Caregivers. Betsey Wurzel will be talking about placements for a loved one

1.14.19 Interview with Marcia Burr Advocate for Caregivers. Marcia will talk about the Alzheimers Music Festival in Tampa, Florida and other happenings in Florida for Alzheimer’s Awareness

1.11.19 Betsy Wurzel Advocate for Caregivers. The show today is on Power of Attorney. What steps to take on a diagnosis of Alzheimers



1.2.19 Betsy Wurzel – Advocate for caregivers. The show today is on Celebrating New Year’s Eve with her husband Matt and a wonderful act of kindness


12.26.18 Betsy Wurzel Advocate for all Caregivers. Today’s show is on Betsy’s Christmas Celebration with her husband Matt and her son Josh. Plus Betsy will also talk about taking care of yourself.

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