Hello aspiring movie directors that have a short documentary, movie that you are having a problem to find a multiple media company that would be willing to provide a venue.  Well look no more.  We would like to talk with you on any projects you are working on.  Nothing happens unless you ask. If you are interested in talking with us, send your information to Lillian Cauldwell or Jeanne White at for review. […]

  Today we have Christina Turner discussing Medication and how it could alter the behavior of your loved one that has Dementia’/Alzheimer’s.  Christina’s discussing is just to bring awareness on how medication can react on a Dementia/Alzheimer’s Patient.  Who better knows than a Caregiver that is with this individual 24/7 how the medication reacts.  Medication  can be very complex for a patient with Dementia/Alzheimer’s.  Not every  patient reacts the same way to drugs.  If you […]

  Colleen Sellers Advocate & Caregiver Colleen Sellers Interview on being a Advocate for your loved ones. It is so important for the caregiver to be the voice of a loved one with Dementia/Alzheimer’s. Colleen gives many examples on how she had to be the voice for her mother. Dementia/Alzheimer Patients have many issues on communicating and they need their voices heard. When it comes to treatment and medication that is where you come in […]

Hello Everyone. The Sun is shinning this morning and gratefully no snow. Here is some information on what is happening on our Internet Radio Station. If you have any comments or suggestions, just let me know. Always great to hear from you.   We are now affiliate of Binge TV.   We have a TV Channel called Tipping the Balance.  Great opportunity to be part of the Internet Passionate World Talk Radio.  Your video’s will have […]

Tipping the Balance  Who wants a chance to have a show on TV? Come talk with us about a TV show on Passionate World Talk Radio.    We can provide a place for you that will have exposure to over 46 Million TV Viewers Some of the benefits of being a Host on our TV Channel Tipping the Balance Exposure to over 46 million Smart TV viewers. It’s doubled from last year! Distribution on Premium […]

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