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EVERY CHILD HAS THE RIGHT TO BE LOVED You’re loved when you’re born. You’re loved when you die. But who’s going to love you in-between? Physician and author, Beverly Hurwitz, M.D., wants to know how states that deny women access to safe abortion, plan to care for the all of the unwanted children that will be born because of these restrictions. It’s estimated that 37% of pregnancies are accidental and more than 13% of woman […]

5.19.19 Today, I’m Speaking Out about all of the restricted abortion laws that are going into effect all around our country. These bills basically all say the same thing. “Shame on you for thinking you have control of your own bodies.” “Shame on you for thinking you have the right to choose whether to keep this baby or not. The problem is, is it a baby? Sure, these law makers say. Their heart is beating. […]

Dan Riley Sports Talk  Here we go again: According to USA TODAY, Major League Baseball players are starting to wonder if their baseballs are juiced now, and Commissioner Rob Manfred has to take action. Its time to test baseballs before games to check if they’re an equivalent of a corked bat. The game cannot afford to lose the trust of its athletes; the problem needs to be nipped in the bud now.  To listen to […]

For the Whine & Cheese Event on May 27, Monday from 2 to 4 p.m. Please LET US know you’re participating. Email YOUR EMAIL to ahead of time so we can email the zoom invitation for you. ALL PARTICIPANTS must appear on the zoom screen before we become live on Facebook. Each participant will receive 10 minutes of vent. Thanks!

10th Edition May 2019 Many great happenings for Passionate World Talk Radio Here is update for happenings for May   Tipping the Balance    We are now affiliate of Binge TV.   We have a TV Channel called Tipping the Balance.  Great opportunity to be part of the Internet Passionate World Talk Radio.  Your video’s will have exposure to over 46 million Smart TV viewers.   Contact Lillian Cauldwell at 484-755-5166 or Jeanne White at 617-435-2359 for […]

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