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Written by on March 6, 2019

Hello Everyone. The Sun is shinning this morning and gratefully no snow. Here is some information on what is happening on our Internet Radio Station. If you have any comments or suggestions, just let me know. Always great to hear from you.


We are now affiliate of Binge TV.   We have a TV Channel called Tipping the Balance.  Great opportunity to be part of the Internet Passionate World Talk Radio.  Your video’s will have exposure to over 46 million Smart TV viewers.   Contact Lillian Cauldwell at 484-755-5166 or Jeanne White at 617-435-2359 for more details and to discuss your show and contents.  Also, here is a huge plus, Hosts will receive 10% of commercial gross.  Now is that  an incentive.  Join us a be part of major player in the Internet Radio.   Now if you are a Musician, Singer, or perhaps a Independent Film Produce, as examples.   You have a wide open market of viewers. You just never know were this will lead you.



Great News for Jeanne White, Station Manager/Host  Exciting News for Jeanne White on being part of a wonderful Women’s Organization.  More Information to follow.   So exciting.


Information on up an coming Interview with Marion Behr, Author/Artist  March 26th will Interview Marion Behr on her book Surviving Cancer: Our Voices & Choices.  You will be able to hear this Interview on Demand.  I have this book and I have to tell you, this a absolutely beautiful book.  There is something about this book that is so calming.  There is great karma with this book.  It may sound crazy but this book has a voice.  I am so looking forward to speaking with Marion Behr.  Will let you know when the show is available on demand.  You can purchase this book on Amazon:  Surviving Cancer



I am  a Board Member at Stop Health Care Violence.   I will be reporting on what is happening with the current filing of HD3466  to change wording  from misdemeanor to a felony.    I have been working with Sheila Wilson on helping to bring awareness of the injuries happening to health care workers in the ER and elsewhere. For information you can go to Sheila Wilson’s  Website  www.stophealthcareviolence.org

We have a segment on this Internet Station called Whine and Cheese,  This is a place where you can come and talk about things that are troubling to you.  No vulgarity and caution on making unclaimed accusations.  Contact Lillian Cauldwell for being part of the Whine and Cheese  484-755-5166

There may be some exciting news for Lillian Cauldwell, CEO of Passionate World Talk Radio coming later in the month.


Stay tuned on happening at this Internet Radio Station. Any comments or suggestion you can contact me at: Theconnectshow@gmail.com

I want to ask you to please share my blogs. I want to get the information to as many people as possible and with your help it can happen. Thank you!

Make it a Brilliant day
Jeanne White
Station Manager/Host
Passionate World Talk Radio

Passionate World Talk Radio

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