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Passionate World Talk Radio Educates, Enlightens, and Entertains
while providing networking opportunities, problem-solving,
self-improvement, and self-help!





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Our Mission Statement

Passionate World Talk Radio Educates, Enlightens, and Entertains while providing networking opportunities, problem-solving, self-improvement, and self-help!

Please Choose Either Video Podcast, Audio Podcast, or Both Video and Audio Podcast when completing Contract!

Show Production Agreement

Show Title: Time Slot:
Host: Executive Producer:
Primary Phone: Company Name:
Alternate Phone: Address:
Website Address: Start Date:
E-mail Address: End Date:

Production Services

Basic Package (4 per month)
Plus Package   (4 per month)
Signature Platform (4 per month)                                         
(Indicate length of video: 30, 45, 60 Minutes)

~ All Fees are Invoiced the 15th of each month. ~

Financial Terms

Web Page & Blog Post Set-up $150.00
Hosts Require to get a Sponsor for payment unless Host pays,




Sponsor’s/Host’s total responsibility: $


Contract Terms

The Show

  • Passionate World Talk Radio, LLC will produce and air shows in podcast format as provided by PWTR’s Station Manager. All Hosts will use PWTR’s Introduction and Outro for their programs whether audio or video.  Host must tell Station Manager If program is live or pre-taped, whether audio or video. All Hosts must notify the Station Manager if they can’t do a live show so a pre-taped show can be inserted into their designated time slot.
  • Hosts are responsible for obtaining sponsorship for their  show. Sponsors pay PWTR directly via a corporate check or PayPal.
  • Host retains rights to use their show recordings for Promotional Purposes. There’s no selling of mp3 or mp4 streams to other parties.
  • Hosts are offered three (3) different packages to do their programs: Basic Package, Plus Package, and Signature Package.
  • Passionate World Talk Radio Network LLC retains the right to broadcast shows produced under this agreement on our network free of any royalty fees to the host. PWTR is covered by a royalty licensing company who pays our royalties for use of commercial music.
  • Host controls all weekly topics/content and guests on show, provided they conform within the Mission Statement of PWTRN LLC.
  • Host will make reasonable efforts to promote their own show in host newsletter, social media, and/or website. Host have available the MP3 download of each show at no charge.
  • Host is responsible to plan show, schedule guests, and provide show description outlines. All shows are posted on PWTR’s blog and request a synopsis of each guest they interview or bring on the show with a title, jpg, (if author-jpg of book cover).
  • Videos are no longer than 60 minutes. Videos may display commercials at end of video with permission from the Station Manager.

Host services provided by Passionate World Talk Radio Network LLC

  • For the Basic Package:  Free Host Bio Page with link to Host’s website, Archived shows remain on website for first three months, then are removed. Free unlimited listening on Broadcast provided on Passionate World Talk Radio’s webpage. Free unlimited viewing of Live videos airing on YouTube. Free social media marketing of Live and Archived shows through Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook Communities, plus podcast directories including Spotify, Alexa, iTunes, iHeart, amfm/, Podcast, Podchaser, and others. Free networking opportunities to meet like-minded individuals and acquire future contacts. Free Basic Transcription of audio and audio from video programs. Sizzle line (telephone call-in for recorded mp3). Affiliate Program, earn $30 for the first month once Referred Host signs a six month contract. Monthly Blog Articles on PWTR’s blog.
  • For the Plus Package: All of the Above Plus Transcription Benefits which include Editing of Transcript, Transcript PDF, Transcript Social Media Connection, and importing Transcript to other sites; Production Assistant (video or audio), Host Membership Site; Host Webinars; Live Streaming of Events; two times per month Blog Articles; and Round Table Forum.
  • For the Signature Package: Includes Basic and Plus Package and Transcripts as Flipbooks and ebooks, Dropbox audio & video, tables and lists; Info-commercials for Hosts to sell own products and services; Weekly Blog Articles; and Live Streaming Reality Show.


  • Host must secure sponsors for show. Sponsors pay directly to PWTR PayPal for Host’s Shows.
  • PWTR reserves two (2) minutes per hour for cross promotion of shows and network ID’s.
  • Hosts are asked to limit to 4 minutes per hour of prerecorded ad time for products, services or sponsorship.
  • Host will record all announcements and sponsorships in their own voices.
  • Hosts are responsible for all costs associated with the above pre-recorded announcements. PWTR is available for assistance at an additional fee.


  • PWTR is covered by a Music Streaming company that pays all royalties on music aired on our station.

Non cancelable

  • Contract and Contract Fees are non cancellable and all fees related to program are non-refundable.


  • Passionate World Talk Radio will undertake all reasonable efforts to provide technical assistance under this Agreement and to rectify or provide solutions to problems, if any, that Host may experience with a show. PWTR is not liable for incidental, special or consequential damages for any reason (including loss of profits, loss or interruption of business, loss of data or other business or property damage), even if PWTRN LLC has been advised of the possibility of such a claim by the Host. PWTRN LLC’s liability shall not exceed the fees that Host has paid under this agreement during the period in question. Host agrees that the pricing for these services would be substantially higher but for these limitations.
  • This Agreement shall be construed, governed, interpreted and applied in accordance with the laws of the State of Pennsylvania, without giving effect to conflict of law provisions. This Agreement embodies the entire understanding between the parties relating to the subject matter hereof and supersedes all prior understandings and agreements, whether written or oral.
  • This Agreement may not be varied except by a written document signed by duly authorized representatives of both parties.
  • Any change of start date by host after agreement is signed is a $35.00 charge per show delayed.


Jeanne White – Station Manager date
Lillian Cauldwell – CEO/President date
Host date



Due date:

For Sponsors Pay by Corporate check (For individual Use Paypal):

Please make Corporate check payable to: Passionate World Radio Network LLC

Lillian Cauldwell
Passionate World Radio Network LLC
9 Reading Drive #304
Wernersville, PA 19565


Pay by Paypal:

Please remit payments by Paypal to:
Handling Fee of 2.9% plus $.29 will be included with Paypal payment.


Special Notes:

Sponsor Benefits Include:

Individual Web Page

Links to Sponsor’s Webpage

mp3 and/or mp4 of Sponsored Host’s Show

One Interview per month by Host

Depending upon Host’s Package, Info-Commercial (3 to 4 hours) on Saturday or Sunday Afternoon.




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