Betsy Wurzel
Betsy and Matt

Betsy talks today on how she handles Christmas for her husband Matt and her son Josh. For Betsy it is family time and Betsy tries to make it as calm as possible for Matt at this time of year. Betsy has not put up any decorations and that is ok. Does she miss the decorations “Yes”. What is important is to have it stress free for herself and for Matt. Betsy also talks about if a loved one is in a Nursing Home and how you can make it a wonderful day for them. Betsy talks about saying Thank you to the staff that is caring for their loved ones.

This audio is on what is important at the Christmas holidays for Caregivers and their families.

If you want to contact Betsy, please go to Facebook to contact her. She would be more than happy to talk with you. I always recommend that you talk too Betsy. You can learn a lot about the journey from another caregiver.

Also, you can email a questions or just to say Hi to me. Enjoy hearing from you.

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