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This episode is Lillian Cauldwell interviewing Denise Byers for her book Shattered and how this book came about. Ms. Byers has suffered from various forms of mental illness for most of her life. She has attempted suicide and fights suicidal thoughts on a regular basis. In addition, she has struggled with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) stemming from past abuse and currently receives treatment for depression and anxiety. Shattered, both dark and deeply personal with […]

Lillian Cauldwell Interviews Bruce Thatcher for his book Gun Mania.  What is GunMania?   To listen to this interview on Gun Mania How can we reduce death and injury caused by guns?” is the wrong question. A much better question is “how can we reduce the overall rates of suicide and violent crime?” Gun Mania brings that question to the forefront by looking at the history of America and four other nations to identify why […]

  Betsy Wurzel Host at Chatting with Betsy on Passionate World Talk Radio.  This episode is with Betsy Wurzel and Marcia Burr.  There are different topics discussed such as National Caregivers Day held on February 21st, Alzheimer’s Music Fest and more. Contact Betsy and Marcia on any comments or suggestions you may have on this interview. Here is this amazing interview with Betsy Wurzel and Marcia Burr that are really making a difference in providing […]

  Dan Riley is a Host at Passionate World Talk Radio.  Dan mostly talks about School, College, and Professional Sports.  He will also discuss Political News.   Today the show is on sports and the XFL, Professional American League. My viewers have known my stance on alternate sports leagues, but I must admit I stand corrected: they force the 4 major leagues to improve their product. The XFL May fold someday, but if it leaves a […]

    Tone Quest interviews La Fern Josephon discussing Peekskill’s role in the Underground Railroad and her Underground Railroad Tour.  They discuss the history of the Peekskill role with the underground railroad and the freedom seekers.  Listen to how they would board the train and more.  To listen to this informative and interesting interview- Click here to listen… If you should have any questions or comments on the Interview, please send email to Toni Quest Energy […]

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