Betsy Wurzel speaks with Dory Richardson, Author, Artist, and Yoga Instructor.  Dory Richarson speaks about Yoga and ways we all are going to make choices on everyday things we do.  Should I go shopping, should I go out to eat are some of the things we think about now. Dory speaks about the many changes that will occur because of this pandemic.  Also speaks about Yoga and breathing can help release some anxiety we maybe […]

Poet laureate, spoken word artist, multi-genre writer, Lorraine Currelley, is this week’s guest on the Energy Stoners™ Cafe Podcast.  She discusses her long life in poetry with host Toni Quest.  They also talk about Lorraine’s curation of ‘Climbing the walls’  a virtual multimedia exhibit of various artists put together by founder Mara Mills now running concurrently on Studio theater in exile website and The Hudson Valley Museum of Contemporary Art website To listen […]

This interview today concerns Sexual Abuse and young children.  I hope you will take some time to either listen to audio or watch the interview via Video.  Either way, please listen and you will find ways to protect a young child. Lillian Cauldwell Interviewed Theresa Bowe, Philanthropist, Entrepreneur, Author of My Mommy’s Boyfriend, and from there created the  “Don’t Touch Me Movement”. Theresa at the age of 12 was sexually abused and she had never […]

Betsy Wurzel interview is with Dr. Marianne Matzo, Ph.D., FAAN. Author and Podcaster. You will hear about death and bereavement.  Dr. Marianne Matzo wants to help educate everyone to be educated on death and dying.  How do you make the best out of your Doctor visit? Who will you have to help you with the decisions you have to make.  This is not an easy discussion but you need to come to terms to discuss […]

Betsy Wurzel speaks with Advocate Marcia Burr about different problems that have occurred with COVID-19.  Marcia Burr talks about a Tool Kit she uses to get through a problem. Caregivers need to be proactive concerning loved ones in Nursing Home. When can you see your loved ones in the Nursing Homes and how the Ombudsman can be of help.  Do you have a Tool Kit? To listen to this interview with Betsy Wurzel and Marcia […]

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