Betsy Wurzel

    Betsy Wurzel is the host of Chatting with Betsy.  Today’s episode is on a discussion again on Grieving.  Do people, in general, have a time limit for a Caregiver on the death of a loved one? Betsy has spoken about this before but thought she would discuss it again because of a comment made to her. To listen to Betsy discuss grieving again and does society place a time limit for getting over […]

Betsy Wurzel Host of Chatting with Betsy – Caregivers Understanding their loved ones.  Betsy speaks about the realities of Dementia. Do Caregivers really understand what is happening to their loved ones? How quickly your loved one can lose a skill overnight.  At the time Betsy was a caregiver, there was very little information and now with the internet, there is an abundance of information now.  Do your research and lookup, Teepa Snow.  Remember that Dementia […]

Chatting with Betsy Wurzel is interviewing Marcia Burr on Caregivers and this Health Crisis.   If you have any questions or comments, contact Betsy and Marcia.  They are both seasoned caregivers. Grab a cup of coffee and listen to this conversation. Click here to listen… Help your caregivers and neighbors, we are in this together. To contact Betsy Wurzel with questions or comments you have on this show. Facebook To contact Marcia Burr on any questions […]

Betsy Wurzel is interviewing her son Joshua on life after caregiving. Talking about life and Joshua’s feeling on his loss of his dad. How is Joshua handling this new life experience? This maybe a little emotional for Josh and Betsy about speaking on his feelings. These stories show how life impacts the family and how emotional it can be for all. To listen to this wonderful interview between Mother and Son –Click here to listen… […]

  Chatting with Betsy with Betsy Wurzel.  This is a new Different and Moving Forward for Betsy.  Betsy will be giving updates on her new journey without Matt.  She is going to counseling and talking about her feelings. These meetings are helping her in many ways.  Betsy is asking for comments from you.  Please send your comments to Betsy on what is happening in your new journey in moving forward. You maybe helping others with […]

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