Cool Your Heels

  Cool Your Heels with Lillian interviewed Diana Hopkins, “Feed the Change.” What is the Feed the Change? In this interview, Diane speaks about Menopause, Diet and her book will provide information to help you keep on track with changes in your life. Are you struggling with menopausal symptoms? Do you want to help control them without drugs or hormones? Do you want to eat foods that are rich in nutrients that can help minimize […]

  Lillian Cauldwells Interview with Jennifer Rhodes, CEO of Grandy organization, a membership app, and platform for grandparents and grandchildren to visit each other during the C virus and beyond. Grandy offers free services for quarantined elders to connect with their grandchildren online, bringing joy during these difficult times This is just a great program to have for children to continue to share some time together with their grandparents during these difficult times.  To listen […]

Lillian Cauldwell interview with Dr. Phil Deluca on Marriage and Relationships. I am sure you will find some information to help you should you be going through some difficult times.  Perhaps more than ever you could use some help from Dr. DeLuca, during this massive Pandemic occurring in the world.   Please listen to this interview and perhaps Dr. Deluca many have some suggestions to help you in a family crisis.  We will provide Dr. Deluca’s […]

Lillian Cauldwell interviews Joe West, Grammy Award-winning record producer & hit songwriter but today’s show is on Purpose and positivity and Gabe.  Now you ask “Who is Gabe”?  Well in this audio Joe West talks about Gabe and what transpired from their meeting.  I just loved this interview.  OMG, nothing is impossible.  Let me know “What gives you purpose?” “Adams and West head off into the canyons of Utah to find friendship and a song […]

Lillian Cauldwell interview with Ann Alsina on Women and Wealth.  Ann Alsina provides financial information that you should be aware of. Finding a good advisor, investing, credit cards and more.  If you have any questions, please contact Ann Alsina. To listen to this informative interview- Click here to listen… Ann Alsina owns a company that works mostly with women, especially widows, divorcees, and single women. She teaches them about finance and how to set up […]

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