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Interview Lillian Cauldwell had with Earl Dusty Trimmer on Unbreakable Hearts, 3rd book in series about Vietnam Veterans To listen to Earl Dusty Trimmer on his most recent book Unbreakable Hearts   Click here to listen… Earl “Dusty” Trimmer was a combat infantry soldier in the Vietnam War from 1968–1969. He considers himself still a soldier. As a combat infantryman, often he walked at the head of the combat mission as the point man during the […]

1.03.2020  Interviewed Whitney Bonds, “TriedandTruMomJobs” on Cool Your Heels with Lillian Cauldwell. She searched through the internet finding women who worked from home, interviewed them, received permission from them and posted their stories. Not content with just that, she created a website addressing the problem: Resources, classes, certification, and contact information all included. It’s not just for stay at home moms, but for anyone who’s at home and wants to earn a good salary. […]

1.02.2020 Interviewed Megan Hargrove, “Ride with the Assassin” on Cool Your Heels with Lillian Cauldwell Brief Biography   Megan Hardgrave’s interests include World History and America’s Civil War, travel, creating gourmet pies, and classic movies. Her passion is developing historical products for her company Collectible Profiles.  She enjoys communicating with other Lincoln enthusiasts. Megan’s mission to share Lincoln’s life and legacy is strong. Megan lives in Carrollton,  Texas.   SYNOPSIS:       “Ride with the Assassin”  @ & Barnes […]

12.13.19  Interview with Dr. Rita Wilkins, Downsize Your Life Upgrade Your Lifestyle Thank you for all support.

12.12.19  Cool Your Heels with Lillian Interviewed Dr. Dellia Evans, “Heart Vision.” In my new book, Heart Vision, I give readers an emotional abuse quiz to see if they can identify with common traits. Self-awareness is the first step to making a decision that is best for them and their children.  Heart Vision can be ordered on Amazon, and at local and national bookstore chains like Barnes and Nobles, and Books-A-Million. To get more information visit Thank […]

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