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BLOG – 18th February 2019 OK, so the last you heard was about the awful experiences I have had while going through the process of becoming blind.  It has been a tough journey, I won’t deny it – but it’s not without its funny moments.  Most of my blogs will attempt to focus on the lighter, more positive side of things because nobody wants to have negativity thrown down their throats. More treatment followed last week (I […]

My Journey Into Blindness It all started with what I thought was a cold. My Mum had the flu and I had caught it. As I lay on the couch, my head banging, I asked my Mum if she was having trouble opening her eyes. She told me she was very tired so I thought it was a matter of time. Gradually things got worse and I realised that this was not normal. My eyes […]

Christmas is such a lovely time, well that is the opinion of some people. For some it may not be a wonderful time. Gina has got lots of sensible and pragmatic tips and ideas for how your festivities can go with a happy and peaceful swing. I am sure this discussion with Gina will be of my help to you during the Christmas Festivities. Send me a note on how you applied some of these […]

Our Old Site no longer available   We have a new website.  Please come an join us at our new site   Passionate World Radio Network Name has changed to “ and a new website for the New Name. Effective 11/26/18 We are moving to a new website “” There will be a few more things that we are working on for next year “2019” So stay tuned for the announcements. Look around the site, […]

Do words make you feel guilty Betsy Wurzel is an Advocate for all Caregivers.  Betsy’s husband Matt has a diagnosis of Alzheimers and Betsy is Matt’s caregiver.  Betsy does a weekly show on helping caregivers take care of themselves.  Betsy provides information on handling being a caregiver.  She has had at least 18 years experience and wants to give some information on what she has learned as a caregiver. The show today is Validating Peoples […]

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