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Dan Riley Host and Intern at Passionate World Talk Radio. Dan’s show today is on The Cardinals’ Is the Cardinals’ Future Up For Grabs? The Cardinals have not won the whole thing since 1947. if they’re not careful, Arizona’s fan base may kick them out of the state like what happened with the Houston Oilers in the early ’90s…and the franchise will deserve every bit of it. Listen to more of Dan’s comments concerning the […]

Ed Robertson is the guru when it comes to Television Stars and Television Shows.  Do you have a burning question on a Television show? Well, Ed Robertson is the go-to person. Ed welcomes actor and artist Thom Bierdz, a mystery novelist Marvin J. Wolf and music journalist and author Lesley-Ann Jones. To contact Ed Robertson you can send an email to this address Also, would appreciate sharing this Post. The sharing buttons are all […]

Gina Gardiner is an International Best Selling Author, Inspirational speaker, Master NLP Practitioner, Business, Empowerment and Relationship Coach. Gina’s approach is inspirational, educational and exciting – using Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), and her own unique strategies and techniques, alongside real life experiences. All her work is designed to empower and equip people so they can achieve lasting happiness, success and fulfillment in every aspect of their lives. Time – It is such a valuable thing […]

Betsy Wurzel talks about handling the Holidays for loved one’s with Alzheimer’s.  Betsy has talked about this subject before but felt necessary to talk about it again. The holiday’s may not be like you have celebrated in the past. Your family may now have to adjust to the celebration of the holidays  for your loved ones. The large family gatherings maybe too confusing for your loved one. Your loved one may not know that it […]

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