What New Caregivers need to hear on the role of a New Caregiver with a loved one that has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.
Christina Turner is a caregiver and advocates to help New Caregivers in their journey as caregivers. Christina talks about caregivers’ expectations and Education. Sometimes caregivers may expect family help, but without communication, you may be disappointed. Communication and Education will be vital to all new caregivers. Christina will go further in dept in her audio.

This is an important series for all caregivers to understand the journey that you are presently or just becoming a caregiver. We cannot do this series with your help. If we can help one caregiver that would be just a wonderful reward for all the caregivers that have been interview by me (Jeanne White) Lets become a tribe of helping all caregivers. Why are we on this earth? My thought is to help our fellow human beings. We cannot do this alone.

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