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4.4.2020  Lillian Cauldwell interviews Dana Borowka on his latest book the Personality Code.  Dana Borowka Human Behavior Expert: Provides the following Top Ten Tips on How to Think Clearly and Not Let Fear Control You.

4.3.2020  Interview with Margaret Duriez and Christine Galensky-Martin on Fresh RX
Kids and Boys & Girls Clubs

4.2.2020  Brianna Wright, Special Consumer Service, Lending Tree

3.26.2020  John DeSmone, “The Road to Dilano” Chevez and the CA Growers
3.23.2020  Diana Hopkins, “Feeding the Change”
3.23.2020  Jennifer Rhodes, “Connecting Grandparents with Grandchildren during the C-Virus”
3.23.2020  Dr. Phil Deluca, “Relationships & Conflict Strategy
3.20.2020  Joe West, Overcoming Diversity with Purpose & Positivity
3.17.2020  Joe Chimera, Develop a powdered multi-vitamin for his mother
3.16.2020  Ann Alsina, Financial Adviser to Women
3.16.2020  Ande Frazier, Financial Women, Independent Women
3.13.2020  Sueleen Kelly, “Cyber-attack upon electrical grid”
3.12.2020  Dr. Lynn Kufka, Psychologist, “Studying man’s behavior toward climate change”
3.11.2020  Dr. Joanna Pike, “Alzheimer’s Association, not enough primary doctors to treat Alzheimer’s.”
3.10.2020  Dr. Mamie Smith, “My Family, Your Family”
3.09.2020  Crystal and Leland Peyton, “Lover’s Leaps Legends”
3.06.2020 Shannon Hall, “Suicide Prevention Among Kids and Veterans”
3.03.2020  Howard Dvorkin, CEO,
3.02.2020  Sam, African Children’s Choir Director
2.25.2020  James Dillehay, “Creative Recycling”
2.20.2020  Corbie Mitleid, “Clean Out Your Life’s Closet”
2.18.2020  Michelle Jewsbury, “But I Love Him”
2.16.2020  Bruce Thatcher, “Gun Mania”
2.13.2020  Denise Beyers, “Shattered” Mental Health seen via poetry.
2.10.2020  Adam, K-9 Warriors, Dogs and Suicide among the veterans
2.05.2020  Dr. Paul Zeitz, Climatologist
2.04.2020 Miranda Nestor, Bookstore on All Things Women
2.04.2020  Mike Fromm, Discusses fire and heat mixture a bad combination
2.04.2020  Sarah Armstrong, “A Women’s Guide to a Good Divorce.”

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