Cool your Heals with Lillian

Cool Your Heels with Lillian

Tuesday 8 to 9 p.m.



5.14.19  Cynthia Tawiah, “The Metamorphous, Finding Your Passion, Finding Your Purpose, Finding U!”

5.03.19 Marilyn Bushey and Gail McDonald, “Retirement Your Way: The No Stress Roadmap for Designing Your Next Chapter and Loving Your Future.”

5.02.18  Tina Antrim, “Escape from Pay Check to Pay Check


4.25.19  Dr. Beverly Hurwitz, “It’s Nobody’s Else’s Business”

4.15.19  Reni K Amayo, “Daughters of Nri”

4.12.19  Ken Woodley, “The Road to Healing”

4.9.19  Lance Izumi, “Choosing Diversity”

4.9.19  Jasmin, Zone Franche, Bullying & Intimidation in Canadian Schools

4.1.19 Cornelia Davis, “3 Years in Ethiopia” Adopting a child during a Civil War.

3.22.19  Denise Healy, Streets2School, Helping to Make Connections Between People

3.20.19  Kristie Wallover, NEWSMUSUEM, Exhibit on Gay & Transgender Rights

3.19.19  Lisa Zamosky, eHealth Insurance Speaks About Short Term Insurance for Elder Insurers, 55 to 64 years young

3.19.19  Ann Stautz, Product Creator of Off the Chart: The Amazing Journey of the Alphabet Zebra

3.13.19  Dr. April Schulte, Save Your Life Now: Your Health Is In Your Hands

3.8.19  Danny O’Neel, Iraq Veteran, How to prevent suicide among Veterans?

3.7.19  Emiko Shibamura, 65 years-young successful business women created her first RAP and took Hollywood Music scene by storm.

3.7.19  David Brown, RBC Financial, Helping Baby Boomers plan for their retirement financially.

3.6.10 Dr. Kim O’Reilly, We Love You, But You’re Going To Hell

3.1.19 Dr. Marilyn Singleton, Wrote Essay: Jumping Into Medicare For All With Your Eyes Wide Shut

2.19.18  Rayhan Lalaovi, Suicide, 2 Films of students talking about suicide

2.18.19 Bryan Porcher, The Tiburon Don & His Aquatic Circus

2.11.19 Whitney Vosburgh, “Work the Future Today”

2.11.19 Ann Andrew, How to Raise Your Children Pre-Natally?

2.08.19  Help for the veteran.

2.07.19 Dr. Missy Johnson, “Fearless Faith”

2.4.19 Ebba Karlsoon, “True Star” the story of one woman living in the shadows of her husband’s celebrity status and learning how to deal with it and move beyond the shadow.

2.3.19 Care Givers & Alzheimer’s with Lillian on Body & Soul & Alzheimer’s.

1.28.19 Rachel Choi, Happy Diamond Studios, Global Warming Films & Books for Children, Interviewed by Lillian S. Cauldwell, Shirley Choi called from Singapore for the interview. Singapore is 13 1/2 hours ahead of the United States. The interview was conducted 6 p.m. Eastern time and 7 a.m. Singapore time

1.28.19 Scott Langteau “BULLIED”

1.24.19 “Wonder Widows” on Cool Your Heels with Lillian interviews Peggy, Patricia, and Trish

1.24.19  Laura Fobler, Parenting For World Peace

1.21.19 Jennifer Wilkinson & Rachel Burris, Trade School Instead of College

1.21.19 David Tomer, Undocumented Students Going to College

1.15.19 John Nastav, “In Thy Mother’s Honor” A Viet Nam Story of a Marine who fought and injured there, but kept his word to his Mother.

1.14.19 Dr. Geller, “Money Anxiety”

1.07.19 Coach Arnie Fonseca Jr. Men’s Relationships


2018 Streams

12.30.18  Preserving the National Parks and Other Monumental Sites Part Two

12.23.18  Preserving the National Parks and Other Monumental Sites in the United States with Cool Your heels.

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