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Our guest this week, Lucy Morganstern, is a Pet Doula.  End-of Life Doulas specializing in animal companion care complement the work provided by palliative and hospice care for pets provided by veterinarians. Doulas support animals and their owners with compassionate care in several ways, including emotional and informational support.

Listen to our interview with Lucy to learn about what a pet doula does and how she works with the pet’s human to plan the memorial service.  She also typically plays her violin at the service (she is a professional violinist for the American Ballet Theatre and the American Symphony Orchestra in New York City).

Join in and listen to the informative interview between Dr. Marianne Matzo and Lucy Morganstern: Click here to listen…

We are providing a New York Times article about Lucy Morganstern, Pet Doula:  New York Times Article

Short documentary about Lucy Morganstern, Pet Doula:

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