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Every Native American Has a Voice

No matter what ethnicity, age, or color,
your voice is heard!

Passionate World Talk Radio Educates, Enlightens and Entertains and offers 
networking opportunities, self-improvement, critical thinking, 
and self-help!

Benefits of Setting Up an Internet Talk Radio Station

  • Build confidence and self esteem.
  • Improved speaking and listening skills.
  • Write scripts and copy.
  • Learn how to research topics via the internet and internet libraries.
  • Work as a unit.
  • Understand the  7 C’s of Communication.
  • Video and Audio Editing
  • Body and Voice Language
  • Presentations
  • Interviewing – Giving an interview; Doing an interview
  • Sales of Products and Services
  • Info-Commercials
  • Editing and Production
  • Speaking
  • Debating

Benefits For The Tribes

  • Improved communication between pupils and staff. Say what you mean. Mean what you say.
  • Better engagement with students.
  • Engage Native Americans struggling with square hole syndrome.
  • Develop a tribal radio community.
  • Improve links with your wider community and around the world.
  • Handle software and hardware.

Internet Radio Provides

  • Video Training and Demonstrations
  • Better speakers and communication.
  • Interactive chat rooms via Facebook Live and YouTube live.
  • Remote teaching.
  • Access via mobile devices (iPads etc).
  • Additional exposure via Social Media.

Passionate World Talk Radio can help you achieve all of the above.


  • Landline telephone
  • Computer or laptop. In the field, use cell phone or tablet.
  • Microphones.
  • Speakers & Headphones.
  • Radio Software
  • Streaming

Music licensing is  different. If you play commercial music (not royalty free), the school needs to pay royalty licensing fees. There are several companies which PWTR can recommend.



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