Sheila Wilson’s guest today is Holly Brown, she is the Executive Director of her nonprofit that is called Looking and Feeling Fab, Inc.

After developing a rash from chemotherapy infusions that caused havoc with her skin, Holly looked for solutions that could help her.  The journey to the information she found would change her life and perhaps she could help others with her solution. 

So based on this information and the research she founded Looking & Feeling FAB, Inc., and from there Holly Brown is now a  Massachusetts Esthetician, and Oncology trained. Suggest you contact Holly Brown about any issues you may be having with your skin.  

We are providing the Audio Interview with Sheila Wilson and Holly Brown on Chemotherapy and Skin issues: 

The mission now for Holly Brown and her non-profit is to provide comfort and relief to those with cancer, through integrative therapies, alleviating side effects, and improving quality of life.

Help spread the word on this dedicated Non-Profit that helps so many that are going through the major treatment for Cancer.

Contact Information:
Holly Brown
Website:  Look and Feel Fab
Facebook: Look and Feel Fab

Sheila Wilson
Non-Profit Stop Health Care Violence
Facebook Page  Heal the Healers
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