The James Cooley Show…IT’S YOUR LIFE: It is a lifestyle show with the goal of educating, inspiring, and motivating people, and communities across the country and around the world. An inspirational and motivational national talk show on AM/FM stations throughout the USA. The AM/FM show receives 10’s of thousands of daily listeners.  The station’s website has up to 100,000 potential on-air listeners. Our motto is: Life is full of circles and cycles, phases, and stages. You can either ignore them or embrace them. Hi, I’m James Cooley; motivational speaker, author, military veteran, and founder of the J.C. Cooley Foundation. I’m the host of the It’s Your Life Radio Show and we’re here to inspire you to strive for greatness and overcome adversity. Get equipped today for the challenges of tomorrow. Why is this so important? It provides:

  • Essential positivity during stressful times
  • A platform to educate: ALL people regardless of religion, race, creed, and gender.
  • Hope and motivation…we are in this together.
  • Love and compassion, to make this world a better place for all.

Guests are people striving for greatness, transforming adversity into victory. The types of guests we have on the show are Leaders and Experts in:

  • Business
  • Corporations
  • Education
  • Entertainment
  • Government
  • Magazines & News
  • Medical
  • Military
  • Non-Profit
  • Science
  • Social Media
  • Radio & TV

The guests are doctors, athletes, authors, celebrities, entrepreneurs, influencers, and many more.  How Interested in reaching national and international markets? Our goal is to bring as many viewers and listeners around the world How big is our message? The show is available on all these platforms. RADIO: 

  • FM 96.1 & AM 1170: The Answer San Diego
  • FM 92.9 (Dallas),  FM 95.5( Arlington) & FM 99.9 (Fort Worth), AM 660: The Answer
  • iHeart Radio

LIVESTREAM: You can live stream The Answer San Diego through their very own website media player ( and mobile app ( PLUS on the following third party live stream service provider’s website and mobile apps.

PODCASTS: Amazon: Apple Podcast: GooglePodcast: Spotify: Omny Studio: Deezer: Stitcher: Tune-In:–Entertainment-Podcasts/Its-Your-Life-p13127 iHeart : The Answer San Diego: (  SOCIAL MEDIA:

  • Facebook

  • Facebook (JC Cooley Foundation)

  • Instagram

  • LinkedIn

  • Twitter

  • YouTube Potential Sponsors For sponsors longing to be associated with this great show, sharing a powerful message of inspiration, hope and love. Your generous participation and support NOW will help this great show to grow and keep this unique message on the air. With additional advertisers and sponsors, this show will deliver additional benefits to all. It’s Your Life Radio/Livestream/Podcast/Social Media Show invites you to partner with us, to help us share this great message, to reach new people and communities and to encourage and enliven their ambitions and hope. No one fights alone. Together we will make a difference and brighten our world. We invite individual, business, corporate and community leaders to join us! GROWING THESE PLATFORMS We will encourage and provide relevant information to advertisers and sponsors in the regional, national, and international markets we serve:

  • There are approximately 10’s of thousands of daily AM/FM radio listeners to The Answer San Diego.
  • These numbers do not include podcasts which have the capability of reaching 10’s of millions of listeners. We are currently on over 25 different podcasts.
  • With advertising and sponsors, these numbers could increase at least 4 to 5 times.


  • Helping people and the communities we serve be the best they can be.
  • Providing communities, people, and sponsors with a golden opportunity to show the world how much you care.
  • Assuring people, regardless of their circumstances, life events or when or where they were born, their life has a PURPOSE. If you chose to be successful, the show teaches you how to succeed.


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