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Coach Judy Romanoff

Coach Judy Variety Show

11.5.19  Coach Judy

10.7.19 Coach Judy Romanoff Listen to “Ask Coach Judy Live” on Spreaker.

2.1.19 Coach Judy Romanoff

Listen to “Author Dave Pelzer of a Child Called It on Being Resilient” on Spreaker.

11.30.18 Coach Judy Romanoff Show today is on Where Do You Turn When You Think Your Being Abused?


Listen to “Domestic Violence Month” on Spreaker.

What is Domestic Violence
Coach Judy addresses what are some of the different type of abuses besides physical and sexually. To often people think of only 4 basic types of abuses but too few fail to know how else people are abused.
Gain insight to what you need to do under different circumstances and realities when contacting the police.
11.4.18 Ask Coach Judy Show and Judy’s show today is Survivors of Abuse who turned the experience into a Positive

Listen to “Survivors of Abuse Who Turned The Experience Into A Positive Into a Positive” on Spreaker.



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