Lillian’s Organic Tasty Treats

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Lillian’s Organic Tasty Treats
All Organic Ingredients
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Wagon Wheels 4 ” Chocolate Chip Cookies                           $25.00
Good as Ice Cream Sandwiches

2″ Chocolate Chip, Plain M&M’s, and Peanut M&M’s            $20.00
A chip and M&M in Every Mouthful Baker’s Dozen

WildCat Burbon Chocolate Chip Raisin Muffins                     $15.00

Chocolate Chip Raisin Cinnamon Muffins                              $15.00

Holey Moley Chocolate Chip Doughnut Holes                      $15.00

Double Chocolate Chip Muffins                                             $17.00

Big Foot Double Chocolate Chip Biscotti                               $25.00



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