Today’s guest is Lisa Weldon a mom of 2 children, a Military Veteran, and a widow who is now engaged to Gabriel Botet who is CEO  and Founder of Neurosize.  Lisa is Chief Development Officer at Neurosize and has been in the Spa Service for over 20 years giving people  Reflexology, Cranial Unwinding, and Craniosacral Therapy.

Lisa Weldon  discusses how she went from 300 pounds to 146 pounds  by changing  her eating habits, developing  a healthy  lifestyle, and confronting why she was doing “emotional  eating.”  Lisa discusses  Neurosize which helps people to exercise their brains and  Neurosize is different than other brain exercises because you are interacting with Gabriel Botet.  Exercising is amazing as it will help to improve memory.  
Lisa discusses eating healthy to prevent diseases that can cause neurodegenerative diagnoses and also discussed living life and staying active even with a terminal diagnosis.
Lisa also discusses finding love again with Gabriel Botet they will be married on Christmas Day!  Betsy and Josh did try Neurosize and it is fun and stimulates your brain! Both Lisa and Gabriel will be on Betsy Wurzel’s Show “Chatting with Betsy”  in future shows!
Check out the Freed download on the website: Entertain the Brain
We are providing the Audio Interview, with an abundance of information that you will find helpful for Alzheimer’s and healthy eating:

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To send a text to either Lisa or Gabriel: 479-856-8491
Lisa Weldon or Gabriel Botet
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