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15th Edition September 2019


Tipping the Balance



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 Jeanne White, Host of The Connect Show & Caregivers, Dementia and Alzheimer’s.  Jeanne White will also  being doing some radio shows on Non-Profits for Animal Sanctuary.  The service that these Sanctuaries are vital to the animals for the safety and love of these Animals.  Here is one Sanctuary that Jeanne will be speaking in the next few Months  “The Great Dane Sanctuary” with more other Sanctuaries in the works for scheduling.

If you’re a Caregiver to an Alzheimer’s individual, please send request to Jeanne White at and arrange an interview with Jeanne.  You can also contact Jeanne at  484-755-5166 and leave your name, email, and phone number. Jeanne White will contact you with a 72-hour period.


    Lillian S. Cauldwell, Cool Your Heels & Lillian’s Interviews will now tackle subjects and topics that no other station wants to discuss or talk about openly or on a daily basis whether through a blog, podcast, video, or regular programming.

Every Sunday at 3 p.m. eastern, Lillian S. Cauldwell will talk about subjects that are NEAR & DEAR to you, that no other Talk Host will discuss in plain view.  Come join Lillian on Facebook Live and interact with her while she appears on video to provide you with information and content that no one else will dare to speak about.

Call in’s are encouraged. The call in number to speak with Lillian is 484-364-1032. Or if you prefer to ask a question or comments via email. Contact at

What’s Been Going On?

Passionate World Talk Radio and Cool Your Heels is now part of the C-Suite Radio. Every week Cool Your Heels programs air on C-Suite Radio as podcasts. Check them out!

Passionate World Talk Radio is an Affiliate with Binge Networks.  

Binge Networks offers individuals the opportunity to own their own television channel.
Please contact Lillian S. Cauldwell at pwrnetworkllc or call 484-755-5166 and she’ll arrange a 3-way conversation with Bonnie who will explain how Binge works and discuss their 50+ Distribution Destinations. As an Affiliate, Ms. Cauldwell can arrange for your video to earn MONEY for you either by Pay By Subscription or Pay Per View.

Don’t miss this great opportunity to appear on Television with your custom video program and expose your video to the world! and I mean the World!
Call Lillian at 484-755-5166 and she’ll get you up and running!


PWTR is looking for a few good writers who want the opportunity and challenge of writing content between 500 to 700 words for our blog. The content of the Blog must reflect what PWTR offers in programming. If interested, please contact Jeanne White at or call Lillian Cauldwell at 484-755-5166 and discuss the possibilities!


WE ADDED a New Page:

PIN THE Country, City & State Page on the Donkey.


Cool Your Heels with Lillian

August 6   8 p.m.  L. Talbal “Off My Meds”

August 8  3 p.m.  Larry Vanderaveer

August 9  9 a.m. Henry Davis

August 12  2 p.m. Karen Lefkowitz  Solar Waste

August 13  11 a.m. Nina Ninal

August 16  4:30 p.m. Paul Wilhelm, Planting Trees

August 19  1 p.m. Jenni Edwards, Bumping Down Highways

August 20  10:20 a.m. Jeanne Polasberg

August 22  2 p.m. Mean Schleck

August 23  11 a.m. Dr. Sarah Sharp Right Whale

August 26  2 p.m. Robert Cuccurclto


We appreciate your commencements and suggestions.

Jeanne White Station Manager.

Passionate World Talk Radio

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