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23rd Edition  May 2020

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 Jeanne White, Host of The Connect Show & Caregivers, Dementia and Alzheimer’s.  Jeanne White will also  being doing some radio shows on Non-Profits for Animal Sanctuary.  The service that these Sanctuaries are vital to the animals for the safety and love of these Animals.  Here is one Sanctuary that Jeanne will be speaking in the next few Months  “The Great Dane Sanctuary” with more other Sanctuaries in the works for scheduling.

If you’re a Caregiver to an Alzheimer’s individual, please send request to Jeanne White at and arrange an interview with Jeanne.  You can also contact Jeanne at  484-755-5166 and leave your name, email, and phone number. Jeanne White will contact you with a 72-hour period.




PWTR is looking for a few good writers who want the opportunity and challenge of writing content between 400 to 600 words for our blog. The content of the Blog must reflect what PWTR offers in programming. If interested, please contact Nina Venturella, Sales Director at 760-409-4031 and discuss the possibilities!



May 11 Monday

Maiki Hendron (One City Ent-Performer Contests), Noon – 

Julia Stege 5:30 “8 Steps” – Use the above video-player/

May 12 Tuesday

Kim Hanson Noon – Live Video Player

May 14 Thursday

Dr. Lynette Reed 1 p.m. – Live Video Player

May 15 Friday

Sheryl Lynn Bass 11 a.m. “Tools Hero” – Live Video Player

May 18 Monday

Lauren DiFranio, 11 a.m. – Live Video Player

Chris Burres, Noon – Audio

May 19 Tuesday

Lisa Savicki, “The Ultimate Guide to Self-Healing”   1 p.m. – Live Video Player

May 21 Thursday

Theresa Bowe, “Don’t Touch Me” 11:30 a.m. – Live Video Player

May 22 Friday

Lori Barnett, “If Not Now, Then When?” 11 a.m. – Live Video Player

May 26 Tuesday

Joe West, Motivation, 11:45 a.m. – Audio

May 28 Thursday

Vivian King, 11 a.m

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