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  Betsy Wurzel’s interview is with Sue Fernandez.  Sue Fernandez is extremely knowledgeable and shares this with all the caregivers. So I suggest you really listen to this interview.  Sue speaks on issues with paying bills during this pandemic and other items you really should be aware of. One of the many items Sue speaks about is how Crocs is helping the Health Care Workers.  They are providing Free Pair For Health Care.  Sue also
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  Lillian Cauldwell interviews Dana Borowka on his latest book the Personality Code.  Dana Borowka Human Behavior Expert: Provides the following Top Ten Tips on How to Think Clearly and Not Let Fear Control You. To listen to this engaging interview: Click here to listen… To purchase this book at Amazon  Personality Code– This book may help you in so many ways. Providing the ten tips is just a glimpse of just how this book will
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  Lillian Cauldwell host of Cool Your Heels Interview with Margaret Duriez and Christine Galensky-Martin.  This interview is on the Fresh RX Kids and Boys & Girls Clubs of Palm Beach County Expands New Program to Help Club Families Stay Nourished and Keep Farmers Active.  These groups were created to teach and bring awareness to good health and helping the community. Please listen to this interview and listen to how Margaret and Christine are making
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  Join us April 2, 2020, for C-Virus Whine and Cheese Show with Lillian Cauldwell How are you handling the Coronavirus? Listen to this audio for more details on the Whine and Cheese Show: Invitation for tonight’s C-Virus Whine & Cheese Show.  Click the following URL to join in 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM (EST) Thank you Jeanne White Station Manager Passionate World Talk Radio
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Energy Stoners™ Cafe with Toni Quest On this episode of Energy Stoners™ Cafe podcast, host Toni Quest talks with author, educator and former New York City police officer, Tony DellaValle, about his book We’re the Police, Stories of an NYPD Patrolman:  Volume 1 and life as a police officer and after the force.   Please listen to this very interesting interview with Toni Quest and Tony DellaValle on his book We’re the Police.  Toni’s interviews are
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