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We have chosen to use Viloud TV – We will be offering Channels  for lease, We are a full service  program, that will help with content creation to production. marketing  and monetization programs. We have PWTR podcast audience that consist of multi million listeners and thousands of subscribers. We are an addition to PWTR podcast that  is a recognized  program that emphasizes   The 3 E’s Education, Entertainment and Enlightenment.  We believe by partnering podcast and TV, we have cornered the media market with our outreach for our hosts and sponsors.

2 options for channels

Live Streaming- This is a live program, streams just like on your cable tv

Pre recorded- This is a pre recording that is uploaded to the channel and is scheduled time and day, 

Monetization Revenue Streams- How to capitalize on your show

Subscription Based

Video, Audio, Transcipt

FB private groups

Coaching programs

PWTR offers three TV packages at different levels.

For more information, please contact Lillian Cauldwell,

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