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  Christopher Thiesing, of the Small Business Development Center, is Toni Quest’s guest tonight on this episode of the Energy Stoners™ Cafe Podcast.  They discuss the effect of the current global pandemic on small businesses and what companies and entrepreneurs can do to revitalize their business in these strange times and what financial recovery options are available from the U.S. Government.  Chris also discusses his personal successful bout with COVID-19t. To listen to the interesting […]

In this video episode, Lillian Cauldwell interviews Julia Stege, The Magical Marketer. Talking about Branding and Websites for Spiritual Entrepreneurs using The Law of Attraction Marketing. Welcome to a new paradigm for marketing designed for purpose-driven and spiritually inspired entrepreneurs  Julia Stege, the Magical Marketer,  created a new paradigm for marketing that is authentic, comes from the heart, attracts just the right people (your Soul Tribe) and inspires them to make a significant connection with […]

This is the first of many interviews on our series called “Skin is In” We are creating a series for the treatment of skin for various situations for the individuals. We will have Holly Brown and her team on the shows.  We want to bring more awareness to the different issues concerning Skin.  Who really thinks about their skin and how important the skin is to all of us.  We need to protect our skin […]

This is a New Series at Passionate World Talk Radio.  Our Common Faith: A Plea for Inter-Faith Harmony. This series will be produced once a month through Passionate World Talk Radio and Mrs. Berrah.  There is a book that goes along with this series. The information for the Book is displayed in this blog.  We hope you will enjoy this series and send your questions or comments to Passionate World Talk Radio.   pwrnetworkllc@gmail.com Here is […]

  Betsy Wurzel is the Host at Chatting with Betsy. Betsy has wonderful guests on her show, but today Betsy is solo. This is a subject for everyone to listen to. Great topic “Stepping into your Power” What does that mean Stepping into your Power? You don’t have to be forceful or aggressive to be in your power but to be in the right place at the right time.  Are you stepping into your Power? […]

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