The Bad Seed: il·le·git·i·mate

Written by on June 11, 2019

The Bad Seed begins in Bronx, New York a few minutes before dusk on a cold, foggy, Wednesday, November 9, 2016, which was the day after James Alexander Kunt — a toadstool dick equipped, draft dodging son of a demagogue, who acted like a xenophobic Jesus as he acted out for the TV news cameras that fed his famished white working-class base — was elected President of the United States with a huge assist from Russian President Vladimir Putin who corrupted the “popular vote” in Kunt’s direction.

I was in my decaying law office searching for a distraction from a career going nowhere and the stack of bills on my desk that I couldn’t afford to pay, when Monica Rivera, the tabloid journalist daughter of a cop I’d traded information with a few times before he moved on to bigger, more corrupt endeavors, walked through the door with a ‘story’ supported by photographs and files, that I was, by the rape of my mother, the new President’s half-brother,

Eighteen months and more than thirty chapters later (read them at, with my birthright unresolved and Kunt still in office, I was invited to make a commencement speech to the graduating class of the Bronx School of Law and Finance at the John F. Kennedy Educational Campus.

I started out slowly — the trick to controlling anything and staying the course:

“I was invited here to lecture you about inheritance, “herencia” which is loosely what we leave behind — a bequest, endowment, birthright, estate, heritage, bestowal, bequeathal, benefaction, provision, patrimony, A LEGACY.  Which got me thinking about my own legacy, and what I was going to leave behind. Right now, it would be a few thousand dollars at Santander, a BitAddress paper wallet with 171 Bitcoins in Cold Storage, and a lawsuit against the President of the United States of America for robbing me of my inheritance, which might have otherwise been and may one day be equal to his!”

Untold riches sounded damn good to the graduating flock, who rocked the assembly hall!

“Who can translate Proverbios 13:22: “El hombre bueno deja herencia a los hijos de sus hijos, pero la riqueza del pecador está reservada para el justo?”

A bespectacled Asian/Latino girl could, by rote: “A good person leaves an inheritance for their children’s children, but a sinner’s wealth is stored up for the righteous.”

“I guess President Kunt is storing his wealth for the righteous,” I said sardonically, aggrieved. I guess the 26 richest billionaires who according to OXFAM own the same amount of assets as the 3.8 billion people who make up the poorest half of the planet’s population are storing their wealth for the righteous as well.” [i]

“Ohhhh that’s messed up,” gasped the same bespectacled girl and there were cheers and a single tear tracked down the right side of my face, because it is so messed up.


“You may be asking, as I am, why wealth is increasingly and unfairly concentrated among a privileged few and why governments are making inequality worse by underinvesting in public services? [ii]  It’s because governments have become corporations that can be bought or sold — run by absolute monarchs, dictators that surround themselves with cronies who bully, cheat and change the rules to suit them, so that only their teams can win. FRIENDS OF KUNT LIKE — ”

And then after a short pause I introduced them to Kunt’s friends with a clicker.

“Russian President Vladimir Putin a.k.a ‘Pale Mouth’ a.k.a. ‘Botox’ a.k.a. ‘Pootie-Poot,’ who has more pesos than Bezos is a particularly nasty piece of work.  He invaded a sovereign country (Ukraine) and annexed part of it (Crimea);  helped Syrian President Bashar Assad gas his own people; meddled in elections around the world and got Kunt elected; persecutes gays, political opponents and journalists. And about whom Kunt said:  ‘If he says great things about me, I’m going to say great things about him.’ [iii]

And the flock stood to heckle and boo Putin.

“President of the People’s Republic of China, Xi Jinping a.k.a ‘Xi Dada’ a.k.a. ‘Xi Big Big’ a.k.a ‘Big Daddy Xi,’ who has imprisoned more than 3 million Uyghurs and Muslims in re-education camps Hitler would have approved of — where the inmates are electrocuted, raped, force fed and murdered to knock the Muslim out of them as part of the grandest most grotesque ethnic scrub on earth.  And about whom Kunt said: ‘He is a good man. He is a very good man.’” [iv]

As the flock amplified their disgust with  cries of  “monta” “fueraaa!”“shame,” I clicked on.

“This turd,” I spat, warming to my subject, “Is Kim Jong Un, the Supreme Leader of North Korea,  a.k.a “The Young General” a.k.a. “Kim the Fat” a.k.a. “Kim Fatty III” a.k.a. “Rocket man.”  In 2014, a UN Commission of Inquiry found Kim’s abuses, which include torture, rape, forced abortions, extermination, and enslavement in kwanliso forced-labor prison camps ‘to be without parallel in the contemporary world.’  Kunt thinks Kim’s: ‘a pretty smart cookie.’  How smart do you all think he is?” [v]

From the howls, it seemed that the flock didn’t think that “Little Mongolico Kim” was very smart at all.  So, I clicked on and on through the swamp increasing my pace like an ace.

“Next on my shit list are Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, Mohammad bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, a.k.a ‘MBS’  a.k.a ‘Murderous Bloody Shit,’ who conducts more executions per capita than any other leader on earth!

Israeli President Benjamin Netanyahu, a.k.a ‘Bibi,’ who has created a new system of apartheid.[vi]

Jair Bolsonaro, President of Brazil, a.k.a ‘Bolsomito,’ a sponsor of Escritório do Crime, Brazil’s most notorious paramilitary death squad.

And rounding out my top seven, Philippines President, Rodrigo Duterte a.k.a ‘The Punisher’ a.k.a. ‘Duterte Harry,’ who has murdered more than 7,000 people in an anti-drug charade that targets his political enemies, the judiciary and journalists, for which his KPI is Hitler’s extermination of Jews.


“So how are you going to protect your inheritance?” I asked having worked out the answer only seconds before. “Are you going to stand at the barricades? Ojo por ojo y diente por diente?  Or are we going to recognize that the nature of power is transformed in that while its institutions have become more centralized and less democratic its dependencies are more dispersed and evolve our resistance to suit? Yes, they own the planes, but a few hundred air-traffic controllers can bring the entire country to a halt by having an extended coffee break. A few sanctuary cities can break ICE. And a few enlightened states can protect the environment as who wants to manufacture a car that cannot be sold in California or New York? The new math of resistance —” I growled, embracing the crowd,  “— is that the sum of thousands of acts small acts of resistance that combined with our connectivity make us ungovernable; like the Warriors, brown skinned Red Sox, and Eagles refusing to meet and greet Kunt at one of his White House Big Mac orgies; the cast of Hamilton calling out the Vice President in person at the end of the show; Stephanie Wilkinson, the owner of The Red Hen restaurant refusing to serve Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Kunt’s misinformation director and asking her to leave.” I crooned with a nod to P-Star, the young Bronx singer that was waiting in the wings to perform the Star-Spangled Banner to close out the night.

“My hope is that the you graduate from the Bronx School of Law and Finance to the resistance, as that is the only way to insure our inheritance.

As for me,” I yelled over the cheering cap-tossing crowd. “Born of extreme violence. Robbed of my birthright. I’m the bastard going to take the President down and save us from ourselves.”

Which is when P-Star and her band came onto the stage and demonstrated their resistance by performing the Star Spangled Banner in Spanish.

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