The Importance of Blind Spots in Setting Goals You Can Actually Achieve


Finding Your Holy Grail helps people navigate the post-pandemic reality we now find ourselves in.

As we head into the beginning of 2021, the show takes a deep dive into key themes on living fearlessly in the post-pandemic world. Throughout January, the spotlight’s on our ability to set and achieve goals in uncertain times; and we explore the roles of fear, resilience, beliefs, and blind-spots in this process.

In this episode, Dr. Mandy Simon is joined by Dr. Gordon MacMillan, the show’s co-creator, in exploring The Importance of Blind Spots in Setting Goals You Can Actually Achieve.

Blind spots arise when our perception of reality differs from what is the truth. Like accidents waiting to happen, blind-spots can lead us to experience events that are unexpected and often painful. We all have blind-spots and they create lots of problems.

They can lead us to develop problematic aspects of our personality that are obvious to everyone but ourselves. These aspects can prevent us from being true and authentic expressions of ourselves. And this ‘distortion’ prevents us from being as effective as we could be. This is why it’s important to understand blind spots if you want to achieve your goals in life. Otherwise, you’ll continue to limit your ability to influence others and succeed at the level you desire.

Join in and listen to how Dr. Mandy Simon and Dr. Gordon MacMillan are providing valuable information to help you through this Pandemic. Click here to listen…    This is information is priceless

Our ability to recognize our own blind spots and how they relate to the context of the environments we are currently a part of requires great personal awareness and rigor. In such unprecedented times, we encourage you to understand you have all the answers inside of you, give yourself the grace and opportunity to recognize your own knowing.

 The Show’s Call to Action is for listeners to: 

  1. Write five words that describe you.
  2. Ask nine people to do the same (3 family members, 3 co-workers, and 3 friends).
  3. Compare the answers with your own assessment (Note the similarities and differences).
  4. Write down 3 things in each category: personal, professional, financial that control you.
  5. Write down what is the biggest blind spot that is the elephant in your life. You know it is in the room, but you prefer to not confront it or talk about it because it feels unsafe.

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