On today’s episode of the Truth, Lies, & Alzheimer’s Show, Lisa interviews Alexis Baker, who is a board-certified music therapist of 10 years and the founder and owner of Bridgetown Music Therapy, which she founded in 2017. Alexis is passionate about serving older adults, especially those who are living with Alzheimer’s disease and related dementia. Alexis says that she views using music to make a positive difference in people’s lives as a life calling. She is drawn to their wisdom and to their life stories and absolutely loves seniors. Lisa and Alexis discuss just how magical and powerful music is to those with cognitive decline and they share several true-to-life stories with the audience based on their personal experiences.

We are providing the Audio Interview with Lisa Skinner and Alexis Baker on the power of Music:

Contact Information:
Alexis Baker
Email Address:  alexis@bridgetownmt.com
Lisa Skinner
Website: Truth Lies & Alzheimers
Checkout the Webpage for Lisa: Lisa Skinner
Spreaker Shows:  Truth Lies & Alzheimers 
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