Dan Riley is Intern/Host at Passionate World Talk Radio.  Dan’s show today is on NFL owner Robert Kraft has allegedly been offered a plea deal for allegedly patronizing a prostitute, but either way, Roger Goodell needs to force him to sell the team. First it was Spygate, then Aaron Hernandez and now this! What next!! To hear more of what Dan has to say you can Click here to listen… To contact Dan Riley

  Colleen Sellers Advocate & Caregiver Colleen Sellers Interview on being a Advocate for your loved ones. It is so important for the caregiver to be the voice of a loved one with Dementia/Alzheimer’s. Colleen gives many examples on how she had to be the voice for her mother. Dementia/Alzheimer Patients have many issues on communicating and they need their voices heard. When it comes to treatment and medication that is where you come in

3.22.19  Cool Your Heels with Lillian; Interviewed Denise Healy, Streets2School

Betsy and Matt Wurzel Betsy Wurzel Advocate and Caregiver for her husband Matt talks today on medication and the side effects for a Dementia Patient. To listen to this discussion on Dementia and Medication please Click here to listen…. Betsy speaks on what she found out on what medication would effect Matt.  Betsy does stress in this audio you need to be an Advocate and research the side effects of the medication that is prescribed

  3.20.19  Cool Your Heels with Lillian; Kristie Wallover interviewed about Gay & Transgender Rights History from 1950’s to the Present.

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