Caught in the Web of Deceit: Lillian’s Scamming Saga


Host Lillian Cauldwell presents a new program, Scam DamNation, sharing her personal experiences of being scammed twice—initially by a man from Europe, followed by a fraudulent celebrity impersonator. Ms. Cauldwell delves into the repercussions of what she terms a “romantic scam,” detailing the distress it caused her, including the creation of a police record once the scam is reported. She elucidates the impact of such scams and their potential consequences. In this beta podcast, she calls for individuals who have been similarly deceived to share their stories and coping strategies.

The Audio Commentary with Lillian Cauldwell about Scam DamNation: Click here to listen...

We would love to hear your thoughts and stories! Please visit Lillian’s Facebook page, Scam DamNation, and share your comments and experiences. Your contributions are highly valued and appreciated.

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