Who is Passionate World Talk Radio?

Passionate World Talk Radio is a women-owned, women-run internet radio station.
Our mission is to give a voice to passionate women and men who want to make a difference in the world.

We offer a safe and welcome forum for respectful people of any age to have their voices heard.

Our audiences benefit from networking opportunities, problem-solving, and fascinating, sometimes unsettling, individual stories that everyone can relate to.

Our principles:

  1. Provide a conduit for lesser known and unknown individuals to be heard in this noisy technological world;
  2. Provide quality information and content that the individual could use immediately in their personal, business, and spiritual life;
  3. Provide topics of necessity to the audience so they can have this information on hand for when they need it. The undiscussed topics no one wants to talk about, but must be addressed.

Our motto:

Educate! Enlighten! Entertain! No matter what size or age you are, your voice will be heard on Passionate World Talk Radio.

Our vision:

To not only provide a platform for experts and individuals around the world, but to help businesses and entry level talk hosts master their interviewing, speaking and presentation skills through internet training.

Founder of Passionate World Talk Radio: Lillian Cauldwell

Station Manager: Jeanne Whiteme

"A pioneer in the world of Internet media, Lillian Cauldwell has created a unique online radio station, Passionate World Talk Radio, that not only reflects her diverse professional background, but provides a strong and sustainable platform for her various hosts. In a highly competitive, ever-changing arena where reach is everything, she has forged partnerships with business and universities that broadcast her programs, thus providing PWTR with an impressive cumulative audience of more than 1 million listeners a year. For me, and countless other broadcast professionals, she continues to be a good friend and an amazing mentor.”
Ed Robertson - TV Confidential - Passionate World Talk Radio
Ed Robertson
Talk Radio & Podcast Host