From Silence to Success: Strategies Behind the Mic



On this episode of Digital Strategies with Lillian Cauldwell, the hosts, authors Viki Esther Chang and Lillian Cauldwell, delve into the insights shared in their book, “Gold Nugget: Digital Strategies.” This publication, co-authored by two seasoned business entrepreneurs, focuses on the art of successful podcasting.

In this specific episode, Lillian delves into the importance of voice tones, those nuanced elements in speech that express a range of emotions. Whether it’s surprise, anger, jealousy, embarrassment, anxiety, or fear, your voice can inadvertently disclose your emotional state to your listeners. Being aware of your voice tones is essential for clear communication and preventing misinterpretations.

In this interview, Lillian shares insights on voice tone training, drawing from her extensive experience in podcasting, which often goes unmentioned: Click here to listen…


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