In the latest episode of Lest We Forget Historical, host Lillian Cauldwell discussed the third part of the scam equation. Ms. Cauldwell offers advice on actions individuals should take and precautions they can implement to safeguard themselves against potential scammers. Scammers proliferate rapidly, outpacing one’s ability to prepare for protection. It’s a trillion-dollar industry that’s becoming increasingly sophisticated with AI and the ingenuity of its operators who aimlessly siphon money from your bank account.

The three most crucial tips to remember are: never share personal information, if it seems too good to be true, it probably is, and always be cautious as a buyer. Verify all your facts by contacting the BBB or conducting your own research online before reacting with fight or flight behavior.

We have incorporated the Audio Commentary with Lillian Cauldwell Scammers and how to take the reigns to protect yourself:         🚩 Click here to listen…


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