Keeping loved ones safe from scaretakers

Today’s guest is Jacklyn Ryan, a Senior Care Advocate, Consultant, Speaker, and Author of “CAREGIVERS SCARETAKERS:EXPOSING FRAUD IN SENIOR CARE. “

Jacklyn Ryan discusses what drove her to write her book and shared the experiences that she had with caretakers from agencies who took advantage of her father.
There are many wonderful caretakers from agencies, but there are those who will take advantage of an elderly person. It is not entirely uncommon to see a caretaker from an agency turn the patient against their family and steal their assets.
Jacklyn  Ryan provides suggestions to people looking into caregiving agencies for a loved one. Interview at least three agencies, interview individual caretakers and ask if the possibility of an administrator home check-in is possible. By taking these steps it is more likely that you will find a caretaker who will look after the well-being of your loved one. She also suggests that you plan ahead so that if an emergency happens everyone is prepared.
AbuseVisit Jacklyn Ryan’s website for more information on her and the resources provided.
Purchase Jacklyn’s book on her website and on Amazon.
Listen to the audio interview with Betsy Wurzel and Jacklyn Ryan:

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