Meet Three of Our PWTR Influencers

These Passionate World Talk Radio hosts have become prominent influencers within both their local community and our global community.

Betsy Wurzel - PWTR Influencer
Betsy Wurzel

Betsy Wurzel

In September 2019, Betsy started her career as a Talk Show Host at Passionate World Talk Radio with “Chatting with Betsy”. At that time she wanted to bring more awareness to the many issues with Dementia Diagnosis and what all Caregivers were dealing with.  She was at that time a caregiver for her husband Matt who had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. Since then Betsy has taken on a bigger role and a range of the types of subjects that need to be discussed. Betsy will always have interviews with Caregivers as that is still near and dear to her heart. She will always bring awareness concerning caregivers but also will seek out the subjects and topics that one does not hear a lot on Internet Radio. She interviews Doctors, Lawyers, Authors, Advocates, Celebrities, Entrepreneurs, and more.  We could have added more but wanted to provide some examples of the interviews Betsy has handled.  Betsy also works with a list of Publicists that contact Betsy on a daily basis to set up appointments for their clients to be interviewed. To find out more about Betsy, read her Host page here:
Dan Riley - PWTR Influencer
Dan Riley

Dan Riley

Sports Commentary relating to all things sports: mental, physical, emotional – in today’s youth and the professionals! Listen to Dan Riley’s broadcast:
Lillian Cauldwell Influencer
Lillian Cauldwell

Lillian Cauldwell

In 2005, the only people interviewed were celebrities, politicians, and sports stars. I disagreed and started an Internet talk radio station that dealt exclusively with unknown authors, radio talk hosts, podcasters, and interviewers.

Your voice is heard! Passionate World Talk Radio Educates, Enlightens, and Entertains while providingself-improvement, networking opportunities, critical thinking, problem-solving, and self-help.

Lillian interviews guests who have stories to share, expertise, worldly experience and/or expertise to help our listening audience obtain their goals and achieve their successes. The audience has valuable information and content ready when they need it, before they need it.  Listen to some of Lillian’s podcasts here:

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