Life Coaching: Empowering Self-Improvement


In the latest episode of “Cool Your Heels,” host Lillian Cauldwell interviewed Lisa Sawicki, a Life Coach who guides her clients in self-coaching to improve themselves and manage their behavior before it escalates. Ms. Sawicki, who holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Communications from Boston University, specializes in life, relationship, self, and dating coaching. She dedicates herself daily to working with her clients, employing sincere self-awareness, self-dialogue, and self-action to overcome emotional barriers, issues, challenging relationships, and to achieve their desired goals.

We are providing the Audio Interview with Lillian Cauldwell and Lisa Sawicki, helping clients in self-coaching:

Contact Information:
Lisa Sawicki
Phone # -248-399-3311

Contact Information

Lillian Cauldwell:
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