In the latest episode of “Lest We Forget-Historical,” host Lillian Cauldwell examines the impact of money on US political elections. Opening with Cyndi Lauper’s quote, “Money changes everything,” Ms. Cauldwell explores the notion that billions of dollars raised and spent in federal elections are pivotal in deciding electoral outcomes. She reflects on a past where the less fortunate, the proud, and the educated shaped the nation through due process.

Now, she observes, political candidates wield substantial sums to secure office, making money the new barometer for presidential candidacy over qualifications, experience, and potential contributions to the nation. Ms. Cauldwell urges citizens to reclaim the electoral process from the wealthy and powerful, their lobbyists, and the financial influence that fills their campaign chests.

“Lillian Cauldwell offers convenient, insightful audio commentary on how money significantly influences the outcomes of campaigns and elections.πŸ›‘ Please Click here to listen…


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