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Jeanne White- Station Manager

Social Connections with Jeanne White

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2.6.20  Jeanne White on Social Connections – Julie Thomas, Author, Poet, Advocate for Women

1.8.20 Jeanne White on Social Connections – Mike McKenna and the discussion on website accessible

10.21.19  Jeanne White on Social Connections – My Breast Biopsy

8.17.19  Interview with Mike Connell – Producer, Video, KC Visuals Unlimited
Boston Making a Difference

7.19.19  Interview with Heidi Wilde talking about Wellness and Mindfulness as a Wellness Partner with Amare

5.23.19  Interview with Paul Schlosberg – Coaching and Mindfulness

5.8.19 Interview with Chris Korman, Radio Producer at TV Confidential and agent at Triad Theatre in New York – Advocate and son of Harvey Korman

3.28.19 Interview with Marion Behr,  Sculptor, Author and Advocate

2.14.19 Interview with Laurie Zoock Credit Consultant

1.8.19 Interview with Mark Stowers Radio Host at I Made it

1.1.19 Interview with Erin Ley Creator of Shattered Women Rising

11.8.18 Interview with Lisa Barrett – Art Therapy and how can help in so many ways

10.23.18 Interview with Louisa Oakley Green Author – Discussion on her current book on the Paranormal “Sightseeing in the Undiscovered Country: Tales Retold by a Psychic Bystander”

10.15.18 Interview with Anya Taschner and addition to opioid and the long journey to recovery

9.18.18 Interview with Mary Taschner’s Daughter with an addiction to opioids and how it impacted her family.

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