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No matter what ethnicity, size, or age,
your voice is heard!

Passionate World Talk Radio Educates, Enlightens, and Entertains
while providing networking opportunities, self-improvement,
problem-solving and self-help!


Host Fees

Monthly Packages: Sponsors Required

          Basic Package                                                   $250.00

          Plus Package                                                     $375.00

          Signature Package                                           $500.00

Monthly Video Podcasts



  • For the Basic Package:  Free Host Bio Page with link to Host’s website, Archived shows remain on website for first three months, then are removed. Free unlimited listening on Radio.co Broadcast provided on Passionate World Talk Radio’s webpage. Free unlimited viewing of Live videos airing on YouTube. Free social media marketing of Live and Archived shows through Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook Communities, plus podcast directories including Spotify, Alexa, iTunes, iHeart, amfm/247.com, Podcast, Podchaser, and others. Free networking opportunities to meet like-minded individuals and acquire future contacts. Free Basic Transcription of audio and audio from video programs. Sizzle line (telephone call-in for recorded mp3). Affiliate Program, earn $30 for the first month once Referred Host signs a six month contract. Monthly Blog Articles on PWTR’s blog.
  • For the Plus Package: All of the Above Plus Transcription Benefits which include Editing of Transcript, Transcript PDF, Transcript Social Media Connection, and importing Transcript to other sites; Production Assistant (video or audio), Host Membership Site; Host Webinars; Live Streaming of Events; two times per month Blog Articles; and Round Table Forum.
  • For the Signature Package: Includes Basic and Plus Package and Transcripts as Flipbooks and ebooks, PWTR’s Dropbox audio & video, tables and lists; Info-commercials for Hosts to sell own products and services; Weekly Blog Articles; and Live Streaming Video Reality Show.
  • Affiliate Program: Earn $30 every time you refer an individual to become a Host and Signs a 6-Month Contract.
  • Upload Audio or Video mp3 or mp4 streams to PWTR’s Dropbox Account and according to your Package Selection, your audio or video is imported and transcribed.

Kiss of Success:

Free Training for Hosts,

Basic Free Steps to Interviewing,

 “Tipping the Balance” Ebook

Bare Your Soul 5 Minutes on “Whine & Cheese” Podcast.


Bare Your Soul Life Coaching with Jeanne White (Life Coach)

Bare Your Soul with 10 Easy Steps on Creating Your Own Blog (PDF)

Bare Your Soul with 5 Easy Steps to Getting Your Voice Heard (PDF)

Bare Your Soul with 3 Easy Steps Becoming a Guest Blogger (PDF)

Chapter By Chapter, Verse By Verse Readings by Authors or Poets (Programming)

The Children’s Hour: Children’s Books read by Children’s Authors (Programming)

Researching your topic (PDF & Coaching)

Interviewing topic experts (PDF & Coaching)

Using Social Media to your Advantage (PDF & Coaching)

Blog Formatting for Article (PDF)

Distribution (PDF)

Accessible Podcasts for Convenient Message Distribution For Small Businesses, Corporations, Business Owners, Artists,Musicians, Bands, Keep in Touch w/your Employees. (Consulting & Programming)

Master of the Internet Radio Universe:

Master Your Radio/Video Interpersonal Skills:

Master Your Radio/Video Communication Skills:

Master Your Radio/Video Verbal and Body Language:

Master Your Radio/Video Written Skills:


Contact Jeanne White, Station Manager with Questions (theconnectshow@gmail.com or text at 617-435-2359).

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