April 8, 2022:  This is an update on news for Betsy Wurzel.  In September 2019, Betsy started her career as a Talk Show Host at Passionate World Talk Radio and the name of her show was Chatting with Betsy. At that time she wanted to bring more awareness to the many issues with Dementia Diagnosis and what all Caregivers were dealing with.  She was at that time a caregiver for her husband Matt who had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. Since then Betsy has taken on a bigger role and a range of the types of subjects that need to be discussed. Betsy will always have interviews with Caregivers as that is still near and dear to her heart. She will always bring awareness concerning caregivers but also will seek out the subjects and topics that one does not hear a lot on Internet Radio. She interviews, Doctors, Lawyers, Authors, Advocates, Celebrities, Entrepreneurs, and more.  We could have added more but, wanted to provide some examples of the interviews Betsy has handled.  Betsy also works with a list of Publicists that contact Betsy on a daily basis to set up appointments for their clients to be interviewed by Betsy. We have left the older information on how and why Betsy became a Talk Show Host. 

Check out this Link on Spotify for Chatting with Betsy. This is just a sample of the many platforms you can subscribe to and listen to Chatting with Betsy.  Spotify:show:3aakGqGvVDTSvbdiMOkPXza

This Journey started when Betsy went into her car 5 or 6 years ago to raise awareness of Early Onset Alzheimer’s. I started showing Matt’s picture.  I wanted to let people know Alzheimer’s can happen at any age and to dispel the myths that Alzheimer’s is an Old Person’s disease or it is a normal part of aging!I started to give Caregiving advice and I started to show my husband’s journey. I was an angry Caregiver and had to turn my anger into positive energy. I never expected to start a support group or be a Talk Show Host!

I am deeply humbled and honored to have been nominated and to receive the Caregiving Advocate Award from Caregiving.com. I dedicate my award to my husband Matt Sloan who is and will always be the catalyst behind everything I do!

Matt & I met in church. We were married on November 01, 1980. We have a son, Joshua who is amazing! Josh has special needs! I worked as an LPN for many years. I never heard of Alzheimer’s nor did I know anything about caregiving. My mother-in-law took me to Alzheimer’s school! There wasn’t much information at the time. I learned the hard way! My dad also had Alzheimer’s. I didn’t take care of my dad but I did visit & gave my mom support. Matt was diagnosed in 2010 but showed signs in 07 or 08. We had a difficult time with doctors listening to us! The doctors wouldn’t say Alzheimer’s due to Matt being 56. We were told he is too young! I didn’t know about Early Onset Alzheimer’s. Alzheimer’s was on Matt’s mom’s side. Matt was the first to have it young! I was an angry Caregiver! I decided to start doing videos to raise awareness! Education is desperately needed! I didn’t want people to feel alone! I was without support for 14 years! I like to share my experiences to help others! I am grateful Jeanne White saw my video & contacted me! I want to thank Lillian Cauldwell for Passionate World Talk Radio Station! Thank you both for giving me a wonderful opportunity to be a host!  To contact Betsy by Email  Click here

To listen to the most current show and any shows you may have missed for Chatting with Betsy:   Listen to “Chatting with Betsy” on Spreaker 

In case you have missed one of Chatting with Betsy’s Shows, and you love listening to Chatting with Betsy shows –  All you have to do is Subscribe. You will get notified of podcasts, radio shows, and posts.  It is that easy.  Send Betsy a note that you are subscribing.  

Amazon also provides information for listening to Chatting with Betsy via the Audible App. Click Here

Testimonials Received from our Listeners: Received: 8/28/21

Your broadcast with Camphill Hudson was Brilliant

Dear Betsy,
I am Jody Brookes’ proud mother, a learning support teacher myself for over 40 years and I just had the privilege to hear your radio broadcast with Jody, Nathan, and Kelly.
Both my husband and I stood stock still for those 28 minutes and loved every second of your interview. You asked great questions and got honest answers. And promoted Camphill Hudson and their players magnificently. I hope people heard and will contact them and also that the wider public to have a look at YouTube and benefit from it.
Well done it was a complete pleasure listening to you. And after reading your short biography especially about coping with Alzheimer’s, I take my hat off to you. It takes courage and love and perseverance.
Best wishes,

Received from Dr. Deena Graves: Received: 5/5/22

Thank you for an in-depth interview to equip people at a deeper level than often happens in interviews. 

May God bless and anoint your work, as well!
Dr. Deena Graves
President and Director
M3 Transformations, Inc.
Received from Tara: Received: July 2022
Hi Betsy,
I enjoyed being a guest on your show and really appreciated the opportunity.
Thank you so much for thinking of me and taking an interest in what I do. 
All the best to you too! You definitely have a natural talent by bringing the best out from your guests which makes a very engaging and lively discussion about topics that make a difference.
Keep up your amazing work Betsy and thank you again for having me as your guest on your show.
Best regards,





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  • by Debbie Compton
    Posted August 18, 2022

    Dear Betsy, you are awesome what can I say? I was thrilled to be your guest on chatting with Betsy.

    I am excited for it to Air so I can share it with all my friends and colleagues. You are so warm, genuine, and easy to talk to that I nearly forgot we were being recorded!

    Thank you so much for helping me get the word out to caregivers that help is available, they do not need to struggle alone! I hope they visit my website at http://www.thepurplevine.com And take it vantage of the free resources.

    Thank you for sharing my passion of helping those who are struggling and wanting to empower them to live happier, healthier lives.

    God bless you! Keep up the great work!

    Debbie Compton

  • by Betsy Sloan
    Posted October 7, 2022

    Debbie Compton,
    Thank you so much for being a phenomenal guest and for your passion to help others!
    Thank you for your kind words and support ❤
    I deeply appreciate you!
    I am looking forward to chatting with you again!

  • by nedbachus
    Posted November 21, 2022

    Dear Betsy,

    I cannot imagine an interviewer being better at making a guest feel comfortable than you are. What a pleasure and honor to be a guest on Chatting With Betsy! You were well prepared and organized but you also let the conversation flow in a natural direction. And such insightful questions. I so appreciate the opportunity to connect with you and your audience. Thank you, Betsy!

    • by pwrnetworkllc@gmail.com
      Posted December 1, 2022

      Hello Ned

      Thank you for your kind words on the Interview with Betsy Wurzel. I will relay this information to Betsy. She is an excellent host and interviewer

      Have a wonderful day

      Jeanne White
      Station Manager
      Passionate World Talk Radio

  • by Betsy Sloan
    Posted December 29, 2022

    Hi Ned,
    Thank you so much for being a wonderful guest and writing your powerful masterpiece book,”Mortal Things”.
    I enjoyed chatting with you about your book ,grieving ,and how people can connect to become family!
    Best wishes to you !
    It was an honor and my pleasure to have an interview with you!

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