Podcasting: Beyond Merely Talking into a Mic


Introducing the must-read guide for aspiring podcasters, “Gold Nuggets For Digital Strategies” by Viki Esther Chang and Lillian S. Cauldwell. This book delves deep into the art of podcasting, embodying the philosophy that podcasting transcends mere speech—it’s an art form in its own right.

In this engaging promo, Lillian S. Cauldwell shares valuable insights from the book, beginning with essential microphone techniques. First, she advises holding the microphone just beneath your lips, allowing your voice to naturally cascade into it, rather than forcefully speaking directly into it. This subtle yet effective approach ensures clarity and richness in your voice’s projection.

The second tip revolves around voice modulation. Cauldwell emphasizes the power of your voice in podcasting, likening it to body language. Your voice is a mirror to your emotions, physical state, and mindset, painting a vivid picture for your listeners. Mastering voice control is crucial in connecting and resonating with your audience.

Ms. Cauldwell also highlights the book’s commitment to education and skill development in podcasting. Excitingly, the book’s teachings are not just for seasoned podcasters; they extend to middle school students and adults alike, offering training for podcasting in various scenarios. Whether you’re a beginner or looking to refine your skills, “Gold Nuggets: Podcasting” is your gateway to mastering the dynamic world of podcasting.

We providing an audio interview featuring Ms. Cauldwell discussing podcasting training, including details on how to reach her for further information.

“Podcasting is more than just speaking into a microphone.” 
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