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3.23.19  Dan Riley Sports Talk and the discussion today is Patriots Legal Woes

3.13.19  Dan Riley Sports Talk College Fraud Admission

3.5.19 Dan Riley Sports Talk San Francisco Giants CEO accused of abuse

3.1.19 Dan Riley Sports Talk Baseball has pitch clock

2.21.19 Daniel Riley Sports Talk:  ESPN Investigation into NBA betting

2.13.19  Daniel Riley Sports Talk  Today the show is on the Student Loan Crisis

2.9.19 Daniel Riley Sports Talk. Today’s show is Super Bowl 2019

2.1.19 Daniel Riley Sports Talk Jenrry Mejia’s PED punishment a Slap on the wrist

1.25.19  Daniel Riley Sports Talk:  Super Bowl 2019

1.7.19 Daniel Riley Sports Talk:  NFL Coaches need to focus on their health

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