Tommy Lasorda wasn’t just an angry Umpire hater The passing of Tommy Lasorda leaves us to recast the man as more than just the guy who made arguing balls and strikes “cool”. He was so much more than that. Lasorda played for the Dodgers in the ‘50s. He made them a team to be reckoned with as a member of the coaching staff from the 1970s to the 1990s. He’s the reason so many Californians […]

The world of sports took a turn for the worse this past decade, didn’t it? The Penn State Sex abuse scandal, the Jovan Belcher tragedy, and Lebron James’ departure from Cleveland mirrored the ugliness we saw on the news. But athletes showed their giving side like never before, showing were as capable of greatness as we are at a time where it feels hope’s in short supply. To listen to Dan Riley’s  Show: Click here […]

Christmas had Alvin Kamara tie the NFL record for most rushing TDS in a game; it stood since 1929.  The winds of change may blow because of Alvin’s big day. Expect teams to draft running backs to keep the Tom Brady’s of the world a non-factor on game day. Those of us who grew up watching Barry Sanders, Emmitt Smith, and Eddie George will be smiling. Then again, so will running backs when they see […]

Dan Riley Host of Sports Talk will be discussing NCAA. When Keyontae Johnson passed out on the floor, the NCAA should’ve put plans in motion to postpone further basketball for a month.   If Johnson’s hospital trip was a COVID issue, basketball shouldn’t be a concern for 30 days. Quarantine teams. Test guys. Wait 30 days to finish out the season.  Because NCAA basketball cannot become life or death instead of a mere stepping stone to […]

2005’s Longest Yard a redemption tale for today’s nightmarish times While Adam Sandler’s remake of the Longest Yard deserves no Oscars, it warrants praise as a redemption story in these awful times we all want over with. Seeing a fictional QB lead Convicts to victory reminds us of the second chance Mike Vick got, but also the importance of giving ourselves a reason to give ourselves and others a second chance too. When the Covid […]

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