Dan Riley host of sports Talk Radio discusses how Buckner was thrown under the bus for Sox’s loss in 1986 World Series In Spite of playing with bad legs and a supporting cast that made equally crucial mistakes, Bill Buckner has wrongly become the scapegoat for a certain infamous World Series loss in 1986. Whether people want to hear it or not, everyone who took the field for the Sox’s that night(and their coaching staff) […]

  Dan Riley is the host of Sports Talk Radio on Passionate World Talk Radio.  Today’s episode is on Pro Sports Returning With so many athletes coming down with COVID, it’s clear pro sports returning this year can’t happen-regardless of what they say! All they can do is raise money to fight COVID, admit playing isn’t an option, and return next year. To listen to this discussion with Dan Riley – Click here to listen… Dan […]

  A few weeks ago, I discussed major League Baseball’s labor problems. Clearly, no one can give us what we want between ownership and the players. Frankly, the childish attitude between ownership and  MLB shows the game is too out of touch with reality to defend Either side, and whatever hope baseball has of keeping its fan base is probably gone for good! To listen to Dan’s discussion on the reality of Baseball –Click here […]

    This is Dan Riley for Sportstalk. If baseball wants a season, the union and ownership need to split revenues 50/50 and make games safe as possible for players. However, both camps are clearly naive enough to think pro baseball is an “essential business” and are killing the game…and it’s a chance to provide hope for the Public. Perhaps commissioner Manfred should cancel the season after all! To listen to this informative discussion with […]

  The Houston Astros come into Spring Training facing accusations of sign stealing. Problem is, this is a reflection of modern society: cheating, not baseball has become our pastime. Kids cheat on their SATs, stock fraud on the nightly news, and cheating coworkers out of a pay raise nowadays. Who is American society to bash the Astros To listen to Dan’s interview regarding these accusations-  Click here to listen… If you would like to contact […]

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