Today’s guest is Fran Pannella, a former Geriatric License Practical Nurse, Certified Dementia Care Practioner, the CEO and Founder of Movement, Music & Memories, the CEO and Founder of Dementia Living Solutions and the Director of Caregiver Support at Volunteers of Central, New Jersey, a local non-profit organization serving  Monmouth and Ocean Counties. Fran runs the program Alive Inside inspired “Connect thru Music Program. “

There are many resources for loved ones diagnosed with dementia. Betsy makes it her goal to share all resources so that our loved ones can live their best lives. This episode primarily focuses on resources in New Jersey, including all of Fran Pannella’s companies.

Fran discusses how Movement, Music, and Memories have helped those with dementia keep active physically and mentally. Various facilities across New Jersey hold her program for hundreds of people who have improved their quality of life. In order to make the program more accessible, Fran takes extra steps. Because the program relies heavily on working cognitive processes, Fran wants to make it as easy as possible for people to keep up. She found that wearing sneakers or clothes with contrast has made a significant improvement. She typically wears red or orange sneakers so they can see her feet move!

Fran stresses the importance of people with dementia remaining active and enjoying their lives. Having dementia is not an end, and Fran makes sure people realize that! She also discusses what non-profit caregiver volunteer organizations can provide for our loved ones, such as providing companionship and helping with referrals to other resources.
Betsy wishes everyone knows about Fran’s program and these resources when her dad was still alive and recommends that everyone go to Fran Pannella’s website for more information and resources.
Providing the Audio Interview provides information on the resources that could be available in your area:

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