“The FDA protects the big drug companies, and is subsequently rewarded, and using the government’s police powers, they attack those who threaten the big drug companies. People think that the FDA is protecting them. It isn’t. What the FDA is doing, and what the public thinks it is doing are as different as night and day.” — Dr. Herbert Ley (1923-2001). Former commissioner of the U.S. FDA. (He made this comment in the year 1969)
An FDA committee that has already voted to ban many natural medicines met on June 8, 2022, to decide whether compounding pharmacies can continue to make glutathione in any form. Thanks to the diligence of the Alliance of Natural Health (ANH), medical and health practitioners like myself, and you the public, the committee voted 8 -5 to keep natural Glutathione available to all compounding pharmacies for medical use!  A major win!
See the article with the link to the committee’s full webcast and letter form: ANH Advocates Score Big Glutathione Win – Alliance for Natural Health USA – Protecting Natural Health (anh-usa.org)
The FDA may still ban Glutathione at its own discretion, so please go to the link above and send in the letter form, letting your voice be heard on allowing continued access to the medical use of glutathione.
See articles detailing the new bill warranting supplement companies to comply with a mandatory FDA ‘new supplement listing’ and allowing the FDA to ban and/or reduce dosages of supplements if the bill passes:
Glutathione helps with many illnesses and diseases besides being a master detoxifier (detoxifies even nanobots): Glutathione! – PMC (nih.gov)
For detox info on detoxing from metal or chemical toxicity, especially if you have had adverse reactions to any vaccine or medical shot, including the Covid shots, go to our video: https://rumble.com/vuvcju-covid-19-long-haul-and-shot-adverse-effects-you-can-fully-heal.html
Adverse reactions mean your body is full of toxins, and any medication you are taking can interfere and make symptoms worse – please detoxify!
Wish to get tested to see what current toxicity state your body is in? https://www.directlabs.com/drhildy/OrderTests
Call 888-307-6780 on what to order and how to share your results with HMPC – all info stays confidential.
Check out our website https://heavymetalpoisoncenter.com regarding symptoms of toxicity, detoxification info, survey forms, and blog – there is even a section on Covid-19 and Flu info, new studies, and doctor protocols. Take our survey on the Survey page to let us know how we can best help you.
Member: EMPA (insured practitioner); NAPH; Certified Facilitator, The Morter Institute; Certified Sacred Meditation Leader (Energy Healing). Over 45 years of research and actual experience in physical ailments, allergies, toxins, and injuries; nutrition, exercise/fitness, spiritual and overall wellness.  Christine’s company Paladina International is going global in educating humanity worldwide on toxicity issues and the need for standard forensic toxicity testing in all medical and law enforcement agencies.
To listen to this discussion with Christine Padovan:   
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The toll-free number to contact for testing is 1-877-857-9238
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– Lillian Cauldwell and Jeanne White

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