Nina Venturella’s guest this week, is Tom Curry, founder and Coach of Endure through Fear, Toms many years as a Sales Trainer, and now turned coach has endured and overcome many obstacles with his epilepsy, he has some amazing strategies he will be sharing with us that will take any business to the next level. He specializes in helping sales teams succeed against all odds, Tom teaches it’s all a matter of how you […]

Sheila Wilson, RN, Host on Whine, and Cheese interview today is with Betty Ann Lauria, Accredited, Certified EFT Practitioner.  EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Techniques. Sheila talks with Betty Ann how EFT can help when we are stuck on emotions.  I know you are rolling your eyes and saying how can it help.  I hope you will listen to the interview for more information on EFT and how it can help you. This is just […]

Dr. Marianne Matzo previously had the pleasure of interviewing Stevan Lemke who talked with us about being diagnosed with idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis. In this second interview, he takes us through the process of being evaluated for a lung transplant, the wait, the surgery, and the postoperative experience. Before being approved for placement on the transplant list Steven underwent 9 days of testing. When the lungs were finally approved for his surgery, that surgery took 14 […]

  Exciting News for Passionate World Talk Radio.  We are launching a new show produced under the Holistic Division This is show is going to be a powerful show that will provide assistance with the many issues that the Pandemic has created. The Host of this new show  “Finding your Holy Grail” is Dr. Mandy Simon, DNP, FNP-BC Dr. Mandy Simon works internationally as a clinician, researcher, and educator. She has spent countless hours over […]

  This week’s guest on the energy Stoners™ cafe is Julie Overskei, founder and owner of Jo’s Body Shop specializing in massage practice, and keeping the body tuned in a healthy atmosphere.  She discusses, with host Toni Quest, the essential need for massage therapy, sunshine, and maintaining good health and mental habits especially during this pandemic period. Join in and this to the interview with Toni Quest and  Julie Oveskei: Click here to listen… Julie […]

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