The topic of distance learning has been at the forefront of educational strategies and quarantine implementations since the beginning of this COVID-19 pandemic. These issues are impacting NOT just the educators and families but our students. Vlad Anderson joins us today to discuss the impact of distance learning on our society and the options we have to find success in unprecedented times.

Our guest this week is Vlad Anderson, a proud Veteran of our United States Marine Corps and a retired Law Enforcement officer. He has over twenty-eight years’ experience as a Police Officer and has held numerous jobs such as Patrol Officer, Motor and Traffic Officer, Background Investigator, Threat Assessment Expert, and Detective. Vlad was a School Resource Officer for over 10 years before retiring from the police department and now working in the private sector as a Child Welfare and Attendance Investigator. One of his expertise is informing our communities on current trends impacting youths in today’s world.

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