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  Lillian Cauldwell interviews Lisa Welsh, Director of the Homes for Heroes Foundation.on Homes for Heroes. “Donating these funds to support our military veterans who face a housing crisis or a need for emergency financial assistance is how the Homes for Heroes Foundation can help those who bravely served and sacrificed for us,” says Lisa Welsh, Director of the Homes for Heroes Foundation.” This is the third year the Homes for Heroes Foundation has donated […]

  A few weeks ago, I discussed major League Baseball’s labor problems. Clearly, no one can give us what we want between ownership and the players. Frankly, the childish attitude between ownership and  MLB shows the game is too out of touch with reality to defend Either side, and whatever hope baseball has of keeping its fan base is probably gone for good! To listen to Dan’s discussion on the reality of Baseball –Click here […]

Don’t you think it is about time that we all address Young Adults and Men’s Health and Wellness? Lillian speaks with Matt Skinner the Ambassador for Men who work in his community and other communities to help boys and men hold conversations about what’s troubling them mentally and emotionally. Robert Huffman who works with the organization Movember which is a non-profit organization working with men, students, and young boys to help them emotionally, physically, and […]

To listen to this Spotlight Interview with Sheila Wilson RN, Beckett Augat RN, and Amy Smith RN, produced by Michael Connell, KC Visuals Unlimited, Inc, Boston Making a Difference.  Contact Mike Connel on Facebook.   Michael Connell The nurses speak very candidly on the conditions they are working in and little support.  Listen to this candid interview on what is happening to the Nurses on the frontlines. Click here to listen… If you have any questions […]

Betsy Wurzel is doing Advocate Series to bring attention to how an why they are being Advocates for many reasons.  Betsy Wurzel’s interview today is with Sue Fernandez. Sue is an example of providing information that she had gained either in an article or at a Webinar.  You can always guarantee that the interview will be very informative.  So as I always say Grab a Pencil and Paper because you will get a wealth of information.  […]

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